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Mobile Friendly

What make WMCC special from other cryptocurrencies is WMCC can be mined with your mobile phone. Mining WMCC is almost compatible with all device and most used OS like Android, Windows, Linux. 
Without using power, WMCC will be a new generation of cryptocurrency in the future.

Easy Integration

WMCC will realease API for developer to integrate with WMCC network. This API will dictate developer how to create an apps to integrate with WMCC network. We will create a community portal to distribute this source code, a website that only focus for developer to share and develop any apps or program that related to WMCC.

Easy Mining

Want to mine WMCC coin? The best advantage WMCC coins than other cryptocurrency is easy mining and compatible with almost all device. WMCC is the first cryptocurrency that can be mined using mobile phone. 

Almost all device can be used to mine WMCC and join our network. Android, Windows, iOS, Mac and Linux user can be a miner or servers/peers. However, for now to become a server/peers only available for Desktop users. 

Fair Distribution Among Network

Fair Distribution among WMCC network. For WMCC's network we are trying to issue a decent coins and we want to avoid monopoly the network like what happen in BTC, which was dominated by large mining pools group.

WMCC using new algorithm type, Proof Of Presence meaning that every people who contribute for our network will have equal chance to get coins (without count on hash power). From miner to peers, every level will have chance. No more power race between miner, all worker will treat equally.